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  Most massive stars and their clumped winds (Brands+, 2022)
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1.J/A+A/663/A36/sources(c)List of studied source (56 rows)
2.J/A+A/663/A36/tablea1Optical+UV parameters (nfree = 12-14) (39 rows)
3.J/A+A/663/A36/tablea2Optical+UV parameters (nfree = 6) (17 rows)
4.J/A+A/663/A36/tablei1Additional quantities optical+UV fit (56 rows)
5.J/A+A/663/A36/tablei2Optical only fit (55 rows)

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Column  Constraint Explain   (UCD)
  (ALL)recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
   (ALL)Source (char) Source name (Note G1)   (;meta.main)
  (1)RAJ2000 "h:m:s" (i) Right ascension (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  (1)DEJ2000 "d:m:s" (i) Declination (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  (1)SName (char) Simbad name (
  (2+3+5)logL [Lsun] Logarithmic luminosity in terms of solar (phys.luminosity)
  (2+3+5)E_logL [Lsun] Upper CI of logL (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3+5)e_logL [Lsun] Lower CI of logL (stat.error)
  (2+3+5)Teff K Effective temperature (phys.temperature.effective)
  (2+3+5)E_Teff K Upper CI of Teff (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3+5)e_Teff K Lower CI of Teff (stat.error;phys.temperature.effective)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2+3+5)logg [cm/s2] logarithmic surface gravity (phys.gravity)
  (2+3+5)E_logg [cm/s2] Upper CI of logg (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3+5)e_logg [cm/s2] Lower CI of logg (stat.error)
  (2+3+5)R Rsun Stellar radius (phys.size.radius)
  (2+3+5)E_R Rsun Upper CI of R (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3+5)e_R Rsun Lower CI of R (stat.error)
  (2+3+5)Mdot Msun/yr Logarithmic mass-loss rate (arith.rate)
  (2+3+5)E_Mdot Msun/yr Upper CI of Mdot (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3+5)e_Mdot Msun/yr Lower CI of Mdot (stat.error)
  (2+3)vinf km/s Terminal outflow velocity (phys.veloc)
  (2+3)E_vinf km/s Upper CI of vinf (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3)e_vinf km/s Lower CI of vinf (stat.error)
  (2)wturb km/s Fractional wind turbulence (Note 2)   (phys.veloc.microTurb)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2)E_wturb km/s Upper CI of wturb (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_wturb km/s Lower CI of wturb (stat.error)
  (2+3)fclump  Clumping factor (
  (2+3)E_fclump  Upper CI of fclump (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2+3)e_fclump  Lower CI of fclump (stat.error)
  (2)fic  Interclump density contrast (Note 3)   (
  (2)E_fic  Upper CI of fic (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_fic  Lower CI of fic (stat.error)
  (2)fvel  Velocity-porosity (Note 4)   (
  (2)E_fvel  Upper CI of fvel (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_fvel  Lower CI of fvel (stat.error)
  (2+3+5)beta  Wind acceleration parameter beta (
  (2+3+5)E_beta  Upper CI of beta (stat.error;stat.max)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (2+3+5)e_beta  Lower CI of beta (stat.error)
  (2)vclst  Fractional onset velocity of clumping (Note 5)   (
  (2)E_vclst  Upper CI of vclst (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_vclst  Lower CI of vclst (stat.error)
  (2)C  Carbon abundance (Note 6)   (phys.abund)
  (2)E_C  Upper CI of C (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_C  Lower CI of C (stat.error)
  (2)N  Nitrogen abundance (Note 7)   (phys.abund)
  (2)E_N  Upper CI of N (stat.error;stat.max)
  (2)e_N  Lower CI of N (stat.error)
  (2+4)fnote (char) Note on quality (Note 8)   (meta.note)
  (4)SpType (char) Spectral type (Note 2)   (src.spType)
  (4)Mini Msun Initial mass (phys.mass)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (4)E_Mini Msun Upper CI on Mini (stat.error;stat.max)
  (4)e_Mini Msun Lower CI on Mini (stat.error)
  (4)Mevol Msun Current evolutionary mass (phys.mass)
  (4)E_Mevol Msun Upper CI on Mevol (stat.error;stat.max)
  (4)e_Mevol Msun Lower CI on Mevol (stat.error)
  (4)Mspec Msun Current spectroscopic mass (phys.mass)
  (4)E_Mspec Msun Upper CI on Mspec (stat.error;stat.max)
  (4)e_Mspec Msun Lower CI on Mspec (stat.error)
  (4)age Myr Current stellar age (time.age)
  (4)E_age Myr Upper CI on age (stat.error;stat.max)
  (4)e_age Myr Lower CI on age (stat.error;time.age)
  (4)Q0 ph/s Logarithmic H-I ionising luminosity (Note 3)   (phys.luminosity)
  (4)Q1 ph/s Logarithmic He-I ionising luminosity (Note 3)   (phys.luminosity)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
  (4)Q2 ph/s Logarithmic He-II ionising luminosity (Note 3)   (phys.luminosity)
  (4)L136 Lsun Logarithmic ionising luminosity (Note 4)   (phys.luminosity)
  (4)Gamma  Eddington factor for electron scattering (phys.luminosity;arith.ratio)
  (4)E_Gamma  Upper CI on Gamma (stat.error;stat.max)
  (4)e_Gamma  Lower CI on Gamma (stat.error)
  (4)Tiron K Effective temperature from iron lines (phys.temperature.effective)
  (5)vsini km/s Projected rotational broadening (spect.line.broad;phys.mol.rotation)
  (5)E_vsini km/s Upper CI of vsini (stat.error;stat.max)
  (5)e_vsini km/s Lower CI of vsini (stat.error;phys.veloc.rotat)
  (5)xHe  Helium surface abundance (Note 2)   (phys.abund.Y)
  (5)E_xHe  Upper CI of xHe (Note 2)   (stat.error;stat.max)
  (5)e_xHe  Lower CI of xHe (Note 2)   (stat.error)

ALL cols
 (i)indexed column
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