Mirror f952d3b24cb4

Mirror is able to use databases: POSTGRES
Have got FTP repository
Have got dictionary

The big catalogue access

Catalogue Local
APM    ok
CMC14    ok
DENIS-P    ok
DENIS    ok
DENIS3    ok
2MASS    ok
2MASSI    ok
glimpse    ok
GSC_1.1    ok
GSC_1.2    ok
GSC_ACT    ok
GSC2.2    ok
gsc2.3    ok
kic    ok
NOMAD1    ok
USNO_A1    ok
USNO_A2    ok
ppmx    ok
ppmxl    ok
SDSS3    ok
sdss4    ok
sdss5    ok
sdss6    ok
sdss7    ok
sdss8    ok
sdss9    ok
spm4.exe    ok
UCAC1    ok
UCAC2    ok
ucac3.exe    ok
ucac4.exe    ok
USNO_B1    ok
2mass6x    ok
allwise    ok
apass9    ok
apop    ok
attitude    ok
cfht-ls_d1to4    ok
cfht-ls_w1to4    ok
cmc15    ok
gaia-dr1    ok
gaia2_dist    ok
gaia_dr2    ok
galex_gr5_ais    ok
galex_gr5_mis    ok
galex_gr67    ok
gaia_gums_gal    ok
gaia_gums_lmc    ok
gaia_gums_mc    ok
gaia_gums_mw    ok
gaia_gums_smc    ok
hsc1_detailed    ok
hsc2_detailed    ok
hsoy    ok
igsl3    ok
iphas_dr2    ok
irsf_mcpsc    ok
j_aj_141_189    ok
j_mnras_458_4530_mercat1    ok
j_mnras_458_4530_mercat2    ok
k2_epic    ok
kids_dr2    ok
kids_dr3    ok
lmcps    ok
lmcpsV2    ok
mc2    ok
ogle_bulge    ok
panstarrs_dr1    ok
phat    ok
sage    ok
sage_arch    ok
sage_arch_ep1_ep2    ok
sage_cat_ep1_ep2    ok
sage_smc_arch_ep0_ep1_ep2    ok
sage_smc_cat_ep0_ep1_ep2    ok
sdss-dr12    ok
ucac5    ok
ukidss_dr6_gps    ok
ukidss_dr7_las    ok
ukidss_dr8_dxs    ok
ukidss_dr8_gcs    ok
ukidss_dr8_las    ok
ukidss_dr9_dxs    ok
ukidss_dr9_gcs    ok
ukidss_dr9_las    ok
urat1    ok
vhs_dr3    ok
viking_dr1    ok
viking_dr2    ok
vmc_cat_dr4    ok
vphasplus_dr2    ok
vst_atlas_dr3    ok
vvv_cat_dr2    ok
vvv_dr1    ok
wise_allsky    ok
wise_prelim    ok
xpm    ok